Mellow Yellow Has Kellbys Beautiful Peaches For Me

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Mellow Yellow Has Kellbys Beautiful Peaches For Me

Mellow Yellow Kellby Has Beautiful Peaches For Me or Peaches is our gorgeous light fox red Kloie daughter, the only light fox red Kloie ever gave birth to! Peaches now lives in Washington where she is campagined every weekend at AKC recognized performance events! Peaches by far is the tightest retriever we have ever produced and she is sharp, and gets the ball before everyone else every time! Peaches is trained to retrieve to hand over and over and has the drive and ambition to compete, thus we could not be more happy with Peaches new home in Washington now that she has been retired from our breeding program, for reference only.  

Peaches with her momma Kloie (above).





Peaches dancing with Kodie at age 4 months (right).

 Peaches with her first litter in 2008 (above).













Tonapaw is a Monster Size mostly English but also Tonapaw is part American, with Peaches being our only English/American Labrador in our entire lineup, all of the rest of our dogs are 100% English, but look at how huge and gorgeous Tonapaw is, can't wait to see these babies on the ground and am thrilled we get to bring the giant size back into our upcomming females!!


Peaches is the only light fox red with such a stunning unique amber eye color that Kloie ever produced!


Peaches is retired from our breeding program since 2012 and now lives in Washington where she is promoted and campaigned every weekend at AKC sporting events! We are so proud of all our hard work and training we put into Peaches for she has always been our tightest retriever ever! WIN BIG PEACHES!

















Peaches with Kellby as a puppy (above).


Mellow Yellow's Tonapaw, 108 lbs 8 years old yellow male out of Peaches and Kodie's second litter together born in 2010. We are super excited and Proud to announce that we have the chance to get Peaches bloodlines back, with Paige and Frank finding us and offering to allow us the chance to bring back our Mellow Yellow Labradors lost Peaches bloodlines, Peaches was the Only dog I no longer had left in any of my dogs pedigrees, but Paige found me and we have plans to breed Tonapaw to Kascade for our Fall 2019 litter.

Above Mellow Yellow's Tonapaw, age 8 years old, 108 lbs. Lets bring the massive Oversize back from our 2nd generation Mellow Yellow bloodlines back from when they were Huge. Our Kascade/Tonapaw litter is due to be born this Fall, 2019!! 














Peaches pictured after her last litter in 2012 before leaving for Washington to her retirement home