MellowYellows Isis A White Goddess Of SimplySilver

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MellowYellows Isis A White Goddess Of SimplySilver

Isis is a GORGEOUS icy white with traditional black nose English teddy bear AKC Labrador female who is absolutely just a sweetheart! Isis is out of an English show lines mom, traditional black nose (no silver gene), 75 lbs white dam who fortunately gave Isis all of her chrome, splash, pizaz, and gorgeous icy white white coat coloring plus Isis got her mom's stout stunning good very English heavyweight conformation and good looks, as Isis mom was out of many English Labrador Retriever well known conformation champion bloodlines in her mom's side of the pedigree and Isis was sired by our own Simply Silver's Kona Kailua Carries All Colors (chocolate s/f).

Isis is 100% bred by us and our own exclusive bloodlines that we have owned here at Simply Silver/Mellow Yellow Labradors since starting our silver line back in 2006, and our white and creme lines came shortly thereafter in 2007 and we started our whole breeding program based on temperament first, and if you have been looking around for a well bred fancy heavyweight true English Labrador, well let me tell you they certainly are quite hard to come by in true English heavyweights that are over 100+ lbs but we have them here! We have kept back only One Isis daughter which is Kascade, 93 lbs light creme traditional black nose, for future breeding purposes, and on June 29th, 2018, we produced our fifth generation of Simply Silver/Mellow Yellow puppies from our own exclusive bloodlines when Kascade had her first litter of puppies for us and Kascade was bred to Kokomo for their first litter together!!

Isis was bred/born/raised by us since birth and Isis is my pride and joy along with her full litter brother Kokomo who BOTH TURNED OUT HUGE AND GORGEOUS and so dopey, relaxed, laid back, yet still loads of fun and lots of character!! Isis and Kokomo were the only two surviving puppies out of a litter of five, so it was basically a no brainer to keep them both for future breeding purposes, but we were never expecting these two dogs Isis and Kokomo to be so massive, as Kokomo is 25 inches high and 125 lbs, whereas Isis has longer legs but isn't taller and she measures 22inches and weighs 108 lbs. Isis is a Kloie grandaughter from our our Mellow Yellow's Kloie's A Princess of Hatz Off (white, traditional black nose, OFA hips excellent, OFA elbows normal, eyes CERF clear, 92 lbs) and Isis is a grandaughter by Casper (outside white male, traditional black nose, OFA hips good, elbows normal, eyes CERF clear, 90+ lbs) and Isis is also our only Kona daughter and our only white offspring we kept back from our beloved Kona who was a chocolate male 110+ lbs, silver factored and white factored line, with Isis and Kokomo being full litter brother and sister, and Opi both being half brother to Isis and Kokomo, with all three Isis, Kokomo, and Opi having the same dad by Simply Silver's Kona Kailua Carries All Colors who was a chooclate silver factor white factor that carried all the colors purebred Labradors can come in because he was out of our Simply Silver's Crown Royal Caviar (charcoal with silver factor guaranteed, OFA hips fair) and by Mellow Yellow's Bearly White Kodiak (creme, traditional black nose, OFA hips excellent, no silver factor). 

Isis represents some of the best AKC Labrador breedings ever combined here at Simply Silver/Mellow Yellow Labradors and Isis is so pretty, and so massive and quite tall especially when you put her side by side next to Kokomo who is about an inch and a half shorter than Isis is! Isis is pure icy white white with very little light biscuit colored fringe around the tips of her ears and the tip of her tail, she has a sweetheart super friendly bubbly Mellow Yellow easy going laid back Labrador temperament, she has lots of fun playing and being a lazy driven retriever and Isis typically gets the ball first every time and then always gives it up to her daughter Kascade just as soon as Kascade hounds her for stealing the ball every time!! Isis is super square, has very thick boned conformation, a stunning teddy bear blocky head and Isis at one year old weighed 81 lbs, and now at 3 1/2 years old Isis weighs a HUGE MASSIVE 108 lbs legit!! 

Isis tested negative for carrying the silver gene. :(   Isis for sure carries the chocolate gene. :)

Isis tested clear for PRA/PCRD (progressive retinal atrophy or blindness) and Isis also tested clear for EIC (exercise incuded collapse). :)

Isis is now permanently retired from our breeding program after two litters. Isis unfortunately suffered a broken elbow at age 7 months old in a freak accident, which required two surgeries and a permanent screw and bolt in her elbow to repair it, which caused her difficulties with handling a heavy pregnancy so we feel truely blessed and so fortunate to have kept Kascade from Isis' last litter to carry on the bloodlines and keep the Mellow Yellow Labradors private bloodlines alive and going strong!! Watch for Kascade's upcomming litters planned for Spring and Fall 2019, and Spring and Fall 2020. Kascade will have been bred for her first litter by Kokomo, then Opie, then Tonapaw from our 2nd generation Mellow Yellow Labradors line, then Moses where we will keep back pick of the litter white female for ourselves for future breeding purposes, then Smokin Joe for hopefully a white silver factor litter, and finally Kascade will be bred last again to Kokomo for her final litter. 



Pictured (above) is Mellowyellows Isis A White Goddess Of Simplysilver, DOB 10/10/2013, our icy white white 108 massive heavyweight English Labrador Retriever female.

Isis at age 5 weeks (above), and at age two years (right). Isis is IMPRESSIVE at nearly 100 lbs. now, and she is absolutely stunning, drop dead gorgoues, a perfect representation of what an English Labrador should look and act like, and she is PURE ICY WHITE with a hint of biscuit! Isis is currently due to have her first litter for us by Snow Commander Gibbs from Kennel Up' Idaho in Parma who is a big snowball teddybear icy white white male that is a perfectly matched English white AKC Labrador male for Isis (Mr. Gibbs is pictured below as well as on our available puppies page). Both Isis and Gibbs have true AKC English Labrador show type looks, temperaments, thickness of bone, blocky teddybear heads, nice thick double coats, true otter tails, both have awesome lazy English Labrador Retriever style, and both are the whitest of white AKC English Labradors you will ever find! Both have an excellent line of OFA hip rated stock, and both are true heavyweights with Isis being slightly larger than Mr. Gibbs! We expect stocky icy white babies all with black noses due January 13th, 2016.

Isis as a 8 week old puppy, isn't she stunning and sooo white white!!


Isis is about as big and gorgeous and icy white white as English Labradors get!! Isis is so friendly, so fun, and such a good producer that we feel very fortunate and blessed to have kept one of her daughters Kascade from Isis' second and final litter for ourselves for future breeding purposes, to carry on our own exclusive private bloodlines with even bigger and better future English female Labradors to come here at Mellow Yellow Labradors!! We cannot wait for Kascade to be bred to Tonapaw our Huge tall oversize light yellow male out of Peaches and Kodie's first litter together, so that we can bring the massive Oversize height and bluk back into our English Labrador Meloow Yellow lineup!! We also Cant Wait for Kascade to be bred to Moses, an outside 110+ icy pure white white stud from Southern California, who is slightly reltaed to our own Mellow Yellow's Bearly White Kodiak, for our next planned pick of the litter female to keep back for future breeding purposes!! This one pick of the litter Kascade/Moses female puppy will eventually be bred to Kokomo again someday, and we are so excited about these plans to improve our bloodlines with the next generation, and the next generation after than!!


Isis at age two is MASSIVE for an AKC English Labrador female and she has an absolutely gorgeous BIG teddy bear blocky elegant English Labrador head just like her granddam Kloie (pictured right) before her so tell me you can't see the resembalance between Isis, Kloie, and Kodie?!? Also, compare Isis at age two to Kodie her grandsire (pictured right), plus Isis' super sweeheart temperament is to die for, she is just a cute cuddle bug with a curious attitude, and nice laid back lazy retriever style! Perfect English Labrador heavyweights that make for stellar laid back easy going loyal family pets are what we are after here in our breeding program and our Labradors are NOT HYPER or field prospects by any means.



Mellow Yellows Isis A White Goddess Of SimplySilver, pictured (left) at age two (DOB 10/10/2013) and Isis is now near 108 lbs, and Isis is definately a TRUE ENGLISH AKC LABRADOR HEAVYWEIGHT, and let me tell you Isis turned out STUNNING for us and she is SO IMPRESSIVE especially for a female! We are so PROUD of our beautiful white girl Isis who was bred and raised exclusively by us here at Simply Silver/Mellow Yellow Labradors!

Isis is the product of our very own, exclusive, third generation (on both sides!) of Simply Silver/Mellow Yellow combined bloodlines and we are so IMPRESSED in the multi-generations of hard work we put into putting together Isis' pedigree, and again did I say Isis is the product of our very own multi-generations of Simply Silver/Mellow Yellow Labradors bloodlines!

Isis is out of Mellow Yellow's Jurgerson's Quiztime (white, black nose) and by our massive Simply Silver's Kona Kailua Carries All Colors (chocolate s/f). Quiz is out of Mellow Yellow's Kloie's A Princess Of Hatz Off (white, black nose, OFA Hips Excellent, OFA Elbows Normal, Eyes CERF Clear) and by a wonderful outside male Sidney's Mischevious Casper (white, black nose, OFA Hips Excellent, OFA Elbows Normal, Eyes CERF Clear). Kona is out of Simply Silver's Crown Royal Caviar (charcoal, OFA Hips Fair) and by Mellow Yellow's Bearly White Kodiak (creme, black nose, OFA Hips Excellent).

Pictures of many of Isis' relatives (which were all owned, bred, and raised by us) of Kona, Caviar, Kodie, and Kloie can be found all over our website as well as on their specific webpages! We believe Isis is the BEST representation of what an AKC English Labrador is truely meant to be and represent, and Isis by far is the most IMPRESSIVE female that we have ever produced let alone owned here, and did I say WE ARE SO PROUD OF ISIS!!!


Isis loves to retrieve and be a silly, fun, goofey girl! Look at that smile on her face with that big tounge hanging out of her mouth!! Isis beats Caviar to the ball most of the time now, desipte her having a broken leg at age 6 months! Isis has had two surgeries to repair her broken elbow that happened durring a freak accident when she was only 6 months old when her two front legs got caught in some box hedges and her BIG JERK brother Kokomo bulldozed her over and broke her elbow unfortunately! But despite this, Isis still gets to the ball first, nearly every time now, over Caviar and of course she beats Kokomo EVERY TIME we believe just to prove a point to him, and Isis has fully recovered from her broken leg injury now although she does unfortunately have a permanent limp from her accident.


(Above) Mellow Yellow's Kloie A princess Of Hatz Off, 92 lbs icy white traditional black nose, is grandam to Isis, and Kloie is great grandam to Kascade. Kloie was our first foundation icy white female, and she would set the tone or statge for everything good yet to come for Mellow Yellow Labradors to become such a premier foundation dam, and Kloie started it all and started us off right when we established our Mellow Yellow Labradors English Labrador breeding program in 2007. Kloie is/was an amazing female who left her mark on all her puppies which has carried the legacy on down the line, and Kloie's health tests are OFA hips Excellent, Ofa elbows Normal, eyes CERF clear. 

Isis is the mother to Kascade, and we couldn't be more pleased with how gorgeous Kascade turnedd out, who Kascade is our 5th generation of our own exclusive private bloodlines only found here at Mellow Yellow/Simply Silver Labradors. Isis suffered a broken elbow at age 7 months old and was only able to safely produce two litters before being permanently retired from our breeding program, and although we were very upset that we could not continue to breed Isis after her second difficult litter, we were more than pleased with our pick of the litter puppy Kascade that we were able to keep back for ourselves to continue on the tradition of producing some of the very finest English Labrador Retrievers you will ever dind or see, and trust me when I say so many people will come up to you and ask "How far away did you have to go to get that dog??" which is such a common question for anyone who buys a puppy from us, so these babies are head turnes for sure!!  


Mellow Yellow's Bearly White Kodiak or Kodie, our foundation 96 lbs light creme English male who is also Isis' bigmouth grandsire (see the resembelence??), OFA hips Excellent, OFA elbows normal, eyes CERF clear (above).

MellowYellows Isis A White Godess Of SimplySilver or Isis' bigmouth picture (above), looking soo much like her grandsire Kodie's bigmouth picture too!! At age two, Isis looks just like her grandsire at age two....Compare Isis' 2 year old bigmouth picture, next to Kodie's 2 year old bigmouth picture and you can totally see the family resembelence for sure no doubt!! (Kodie's bigmouth pictured above right).

Check back often for updated pictures of Isis! Last updated on 12/21/2015.