Simply Silver's Kona Kailua Carries All Colors

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Kona is our heavy thick boned very English BIG blocky 100+ Lbs light milk chocolate boy who is out of our CH lines English 94 lbs male Kodie (light creme traditional black nose) and our 98 lbs impressive girl Caviar (charcoal) which means Kona carries all colors including the s/f gene, as well as yellow and white, and Kona can also produce champagnes! Kona is the sire to our white boy Kyler who is the sire to our only silver factored chocolate male Roca who will have his first puppies for us in the year 2020. Kono is also the sire to Kokomo 115 lbs black (no silver factor) our stunning English true heavyweight, as well as Kona is also the sire to Isis our 108 lbs icy white female (no silver factor) true English heavyweight, and Kona is also the proud sire to Opie our beyond English 98 lbs black silver factor stud who also carries light creme or near white, and Opie DNA tested to carry all colors just like his sire Kona including chocolate and Opie is our only male left in our bloodlines that still carries the rare and unique silver/charcoal/champagne/chinchilla coat colors becides Roca our chocolate silver factor great grandson to Caviar and Texas. UPDATE: Opie has produced his first silver factored offspring out of Kascade, with one light creme with black nose boy Moose, one black silver factor male named Jamal who also carries light creme and chocolate as well as the dilute gene, and one black female Idaho Izzy who carries all colors including dilute, light creme or near white, and chocolate. Look for Opie's offspring to produce some of our first dilute and possibly champagne and hopefully chinchilla colored puppies for us hopefully beginning the year 2021. Because our champagne wishes and the ever elusive chinchilla dreams carry on...

Kona is/was a neat big bubbly chocolate guy who had lots of fun all the time with loads of conversation and personality. Sadly Kona is no longer with us and we are just devistated...anyone who knew Kona agrees with me when they hear the sad news of his unfortunate untimely passing...Oh no, not Kona, I'm so sorry. He was just so neat, so sweet, so devoted, so funny, and sorely missed by everybody, especially his momma Caviar. We hope to keep a white male out of Kona/Quiz his 2nd/last litter, due October 1st, 2013. It isn't the same without you Kona, the back yard is just too silent. Kisses, baby goodnight kisses, lovers you so much so much Kona.




Kona is a fun male who has no hyperness in him whatsoever! Kona is definately more lazy than high needs but he does show some drive and a nice retrieving instinct, he just wont be one who would drive you nuts! Kona is super friendly and is quite spoiled here, we definately miss him here every single day dearly!

Kona pictures with him momma Caviar. What an impressive male Kona is, no matter what colors he carries, Kona's limited use as a stud dog is an asset to any breeding program! Decided to keep back for ourselves his only last two offspring Kokomo and Isis who both tested to unfortunately Not carry the silver/dilute gene but we could not have asked God for a nicer pair of gorgeous well bred English Kona heavyweight beautiful babies!

Simply Silver's Kona Kailua Carries All Colors


Kona, Kona, Kona...I can see you in the mist, feel your breath on my leg, hear your chatter in the wind, and I know you are forever by my side. I can't fill in the hole you dug on the side yard, can't wash off your paw prints from the back slider door, can't make you come back and I want that so very much to be able to happen somehow, but I can't. You will always be my very very best friend. You have no idea how much I wish I could turn back the hands of time and make this hurt feel better...I don't know how it happened, but it did and now you are gone. I'm so sorry, you are my special chocolate puppy and I cannot stop crying. Snort snort, sniff. Snort snort, sniff sniff sniff.

Kona is/was well over 96 lbs already and turned 2 years old on May 21st, 2013, and passed on September 9th, 2013.



Kona pictured above at age 5 months, look at those glowing amber eyes!! Kona was special from the moment he was born, and was my only chooclate silver factored male born out of Kodie and Caviar.

Kona shown at age 2 years old seen here with his super cute head tilt which this photo (right) is the very last picture I have of Kona before his tradgic and untimely passing...I still here Kona's chatter in the wind on good days, and miss him so dearly every day. I still cry to this day about loosing my special chocolate boy Kona who will forever be so dearly dearly missed by all who knew him!