Simply Silver's Texas Tanker II..."Texas"

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Simply Silver's Texas Tanker II (for reference only, RETIRED) and what a man Texas is! He is a huge impressive charcoal silver male who comes from Silver Star Labradors and he weighs 115 lbs (LEGIT!) and he is simply a stunning silver Labrador!

What can I say about "Texas?" Well he is STUNNING, and he HUGE and at 115 lbs. he is SO SILLY! Typically you will find that in the silvers the males generally are lacking somewhat, somewhere, in some important department, but with Tex, he really has it all...good looks and very correct structure, without all that loose flappy neck skin you typically will find on most silver males out there or those aweful loose eyelids...Texas definately has a GORGEOUS headpiece! But he is such a SILLY BIG BABY BOY! Not a big baby in the toughness department mind you, because this guy can walk on hot fire coals and not blink an he is all about being tough stuff and he guards our home almost as good as Caviar and always has her back...he is just also all about being a big puppy...and he is well into his fifth year now, so I see no end to his childish antics anytime here he is, here is my BIG BABY Texas. Now check this guy out...You know they made him in Texas, and you know that everything grows bigger down there don't you? Tex is just HUGE...and has the biggest bark on him to scare off the intruders before he licks them to death that is, not a mean bone in this bad boys body...but he really is HUGE at 115 lbs. LEGIT he has to be the biggest baddest charcoal silver male Labrador around and Texas comes from the glory days of Silver Star silver Labs in Texas like his namesake and Tex is one of the FEW but gorgeous charcoals they have ever produced that is standing at stud today with his tall long legs and loads of good thick bone on them too, just like Cavair's legs. Texas gives his heart out to please, so even though he is a big baby, he is really a well behaved man, who can jump a good six feet vertical in the air if you were to happen to possibly miss his antics at the gate and all...what a ROIT he is jumping and lofting his big butt up in the air that high! His head is gorgeous, nice broad topskull, and flat cheeks without any loose drippy jowels. His topline is nice and level with a super good tailset to his very correct and thick otter tail. He has those ultra thick long American bred legs that I love so much in his American bred Labrador type or look that suits him really well, yet he is so thick he looks very English like as well because of all his thickness. He has good natural retrieving abilities, but he hates to give up his toys! He will stuff his mouth full of as many toys as he can and try not to give up a one of them...but sooner or later he comes and drops it for you when he realizes that he is getting no fun time by being a ball hog...what a cute disposition on him, and now don't confuse his baby antics with hyperness...Tex is about as laid back as a couch potato...he is just all puppy, and a BIG PUPPY he surely is. Texas Tanker is a perfect name for him because he has a low gear that reminds me of a slowly crawling tank, but when he needs to get up and move, this big boy gets out there and goes to town! What I really like about this pair is that they know where their home is and we can let them off leash and have no worries of your loveable loyal buddy boy or girl, being off and down the road and never looking back at ya, you know what I mean? If you can get a chance to come up and see Texas and Cavair in person, you really should, you would really really enjoy meeting these two in person...we surely do and we love them to death and they will forever have their home here with us, we just love these two dogs!

Simply Silver's Texas Tanker II is a HUGE 115 lbs, LEGIT! Our son Jhett used to ride Texas like he was a pony like the TV commercial only FOR REAL!!!



Texas at age 2 years below in the snow which was the first winter we had him in 2006/2007. Texas filled out quite a bit after he came to us, gaining nearly 20 lbs!

For such a big boy, Texas is very coordinated and fast! Did I forget to mention that Texas can jump almost 6 vertical feet in the air too? Who said charcoal Labradors can't jump? I think that must only apply to "white" Labradors!

And Tex is just as big comming as he is going...Texas also is rated OFA on his hips as GOOD so way to go in the healthy hips department on that big butt of yours Texas!

And...Texas made some STUNNING Light Silver puppies too!

Scroll down to see a near adult light silver male out of Texas...A Gorgeous gorgeous light silver named "Tucker."

Simply Silver's Texas Tanker II - OFA Good

Retired - photo's for reference only


Texas originally comes from Lance and Kellyn's Rasenberger's famous silver Labrador breeding program at Silver Star in Texas, and was raised up and hunted by Dutch Labs where he is/was the foundation sire. Texas is now retired, although MOST of his offspring will certainly leave a legacy. Opie, Kyler, and Rowkey are all his grandkids in our lineup that also still carry the silver dilute gene plus they all carry yellow or near white, with Roca being his only AKC registered chocolate silver factored great grandson who also carries yellow ro near white that we fortunately kept back who will be introduced for the first time at stud for our current year 2020 breeding program. Watch for Roca's first silver and charcoal and possibly champagne and the ever elusive chinchilla colored puppies out of Roca due in 2020, which will be our first silver and charcoal puppies since 2012, and Roca's first litters this year could also possibly include our first chamapgnes and hopefully chinchillas! We can't wait!!

GORGEOUS Charcoal puppies out of Texas...

Texas produced natural driven retrievers...

All of Texas' litters for us before we retired him permanently from breeding were all charcoal and light silver puppies except our one final last mating between two phenominal benchmark dogs from our own two dual breeding programs which was out of Kloie's last litter bred by Texas' last litter, for which we kept Patty who was one of three black puppies from that Texas/Kloie mating, and Patty was the only female in that litter of three.

This last mating was designed with an ultimate goal someday in mind which was to introduce our white AKC Mellow Yellow Labrador lines into our dilute AKC Simply Silver that Someday our goal bringing together with this combination of different white/dilute bloodlines will hopefully at last produce the finest English white AKC Labrador with a charcoal nose and grey/blue/green eyes (like seen above on this charcoal puppy!) or chinchilla colored AKC Labrador Retriever.

We are still to this day, Pray PRAY Praying for a chinchilla!

Above - TUCKER - Tucker was a single puppy litter out of Caviar and by Texas, born in 2007 and Tucker is GORGEOUS! Texas and Caviar had very few light silver puppies, five light silver puppies in total were ever born out of Caviar bred to Texas! 

I wish we had kept one!

Photo taken of Tucker age 9 months, courtsey of his new family Mike and Michelle York located in Washington!