Simply Silver's Crown Royal Caviar..."Cavie"

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Simply Silver's Crown Royal Caviar (For Reference Only - Retired)

Simply Silver's Crown Royal Caviar is a soild well built gorgeous good looking loyal, faithful, devoted charcoal silver Labrador that would stand her post as BIG MOMMA on duty forever fast and true and we are so thankful and proud of our stunning beautiful charcoal female Caviar who weighs a whopping 98 lbs, she is such a huge female! Caviar has a headpiece that I have seen rivaled by no other charcoal or light silver Labrador female to date, and she has all the right proportions with nice thickness to her heavy boned legs that are nice and well proportioned to her body that gives her a sculpture like stance that appears to have been set in solid granite! She reminds me of a gargoyle in her charcoal grey chisled features that are sculptured by a master artist, those long fulid lines that set her apart from any charcoal before her and she tuely is a masterpiece in family devotion and will protect her people and her yard with the kind of calm yet fearless devotion that I surely wouldn't want to be a prowler trying to get into my yard at night! Yet she has that simply patience and a strong will to please and will retrieve all day long so long as you will keep tossing the toys for her that is, and will burry her bones, tug toys, and kongs in the bottom of the water bucket as to hide them from the other dogs to ensure that they are there for her when she is again ready to play fetch with me, it is such a smart move on her part, not one of the other Labradors we have here has caught onto her game yet! If you are looking for brains, beauty and beyond, well Caviar is your girl with the impressive size, shape, and sclputred body to go along with the good looks and the fierce loyalty, well surely Caviar is a charcoal silver Labrador that is unrivaled in the silver Labrador world and she passes such sweet calm and loyal temperments onto her pups that you couldn't buy a better dog than Caviar with a million dollars. We love you Caviar!

Caviar in another stunning photo with the sunlight cast just right as Fall leaves are cast everywhere across our old farmhouse yard...

Caviar and Texas first litter of 2 week old pups and these babies are big and chunky let me tell you! Caviar is such a devoted mother that she instills such great instincts and teaches them so well that these babies are the best!

Caviar is a healthy meaty American bred Labrador female, and has such awesome big bones...she is one of those rare well put together females that has it all going for her, and she is American bred but FAR from thin, scrawny, or Caviar is photographed just a few weeks after giving birth to her first litter of puppies out of her and Tex and my Caviar weighs 98 lbs. legit, no fudging or fooling.

Above: Caviar with her ball in her mouth, taken 11/11/2014. Caviar is now nine years old in this photograph and she is well over 100 lbs now, but for courtsey we wont advertise her added weight gain now that she has broke 100 lbs, LOL. We loavers you Cavie, yes ALL of you! Now beat them grandkids to that ball mamma!

Caviar is a stunning charcoal and a very light shade at that because most charcoals look like dusty or dirty blacks, but Caviar is a gorgeous gun metal blue or slate grey color that puts her charcoal pups into another league. Not your typical or average every day charcoal is my Cavie?

Above is Roukie a charcoal Caviar Grandaughter out of Kona and Patty, and Rowkey has her grandmommas charcoal with stunning amber eyes with amazing good looks too!!

Caviar has these gorgeous light light wolf eyes that can stare right through you huh? Our goal is to one day produce a white AKC Labrador with a charcoal nose and stunning penatrating light yellow/blue/green/grey eyes just like Caviar's. We call this charcoal nosed white Labrador the color "chinchilla."

Caviar above age 10, with her now 100+ lbs next to her icy white white granddaughter Isis. Isis is a gorgeous huge female, with a stunning blocky English Labrador head that is our signature, weighing in at 108 lbs. Isis unfortunately did not test to carry the dilute gene, but her legacy lives on in our Mellow Yellow Labradors bloodlines with her very English daughter Kascade being our best creme English female ever produced to date!!

Molly pictured (above) and (below) is a charcoal Caviar/Texas daughter out of their first litter who went to live in Michigan in 2007.

There she is MOLLY in the middle as a 5 1/2 week old baby charcoal look left and see Molly all grown up licking her nosey in the snow! Thanks Ashley!

Ella pictured (below) is a gorgeous light silver female out of Caviar/Texas' first litter, look at those ears flying!

Tucker photographed above at just 9 months of age, what a gorgeous light silver male Tucker is!

Chilli and her litter sister, two chocolate silver factored yellow factored females out of our creme male Mellow Yellow's Bearly White Kodiak

Kona, Caviar and Kodie's only chocolate son ever produced pictured here at age 5 months. Look at those stunning light amber eyes!!!

Kona with Caviar in 2013. This is the very last picture I have of Kona and Caviar together, before Kona tragically passed just 2 months later. Caviar LOVED Kona, and we all miss him every day still.

(Above) A photo of Caviar with her chocolate silver factor yellow factor daughter by Kodie, Chilli. Simply Silver's MY Cony Island Chilli Dog.