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Simply Silver/Mellow Yellow Labradors will have their next planned litter of puppies out of Isis due to be born in approximately July, 2016. We are very proud and EXCITED to announce that Isis will be bred next to Roca who is a HUGE dark chocolate 2 year old male from 100% of our own Simply Silver/Mellow Yellow bloodlines!!! Please contact us if you would like to be added to our current waiting list for Isis/Roca's next litter due approximately July, 2016, which is kept in order without a deposit required to hold your spot or pick by desired sex and coat color, which is kept in strict order of who inquired first! Please do not inquire without "calling us" as we do not sell puppies over the internet, so no emails or texts PLEASE, as we only sell our puppies to "real families" via our home phone only! We are approved airline shippers, and we also do personal delivery driving up to 5 hours (one way, 10 hours round trip) for an additional fee, so please inquire about costs of air shipping or personal delivery if necessary. Feel free to call us anytime on our home #208-739-9482

Left DAM: MellowYellows Isis A White Godess Of SimplySilver         Right SIRE: Simply Silver's Almond Roca  

MellowYellows Isis A White Goddess Of SimplySilver, "Isis" was born 10/10/2013 and will be bred to "Roca" in approximately May, 2016, for her next litter and would could not be more EXCITED about this mating!!! Isis definitely carries 4 possible colors for sure including black, chocolate, white/creme with traditional black nose, and Dudley which is unique white/creme coat with a chocolate nose...BUT she COULD also possibly carry the silver factor gene! We won't know if Isis can produce any of the silver factor varieties until her puppies out of Roca are born, BUT if she DOES then she could also produce with Roca light silver, charcoal, champagne (light silver nosed white/creme), and the super RARE and elusive chinchilla (charcoal nosed white/creme)! Purebred AKC registered Labrador Retriever in the coat colors of champagne and chinchilla have only been born a handful of times and we are the ONLY breeders known for our WHITE Labs that also carry the silver factor genes! Puppies out of Isis and Roca are due approximately July, 2016, and will be ready for new homes in approximately September, 2016. Prices will vary starting at $750-2000 for AKC limited registration depending on coat color, so please inquire about prices if you desire AKC full registration with breeding rights which is available to approved breeding homes only! We take PRIDE in the fact that we sell all of our puppies to pet homes first, so breeding homes DO NOT take priority over our puppies finding excellent family/pet homes first!

Simply Silver's Almond Roca was born 09/23/2013 and "Roca" is a 2 year old dark chocolate 115+ lbs male who is out of Simply Silver's Houtskool Bliksem Rowkey (charcoal female), and he is our ONLY AKC registered male by Simply Silver's MY Vanilla Skyrim "Kyler" (white male) so Roca is truely a special massive heavyweight English AKC Labrador Retriever boy! Because not only is he our ONLY AKC regsitered son out of Kyler and Rowkey, BUT he is also the ONLY descendant we have in our bloodlines today that is out of Kloie and Texas' lines too! Roca is the ONLY dog in existence who carries in his AKC registered pedigree every single dog we have ever owned (and we loved each and ever one so dearly! Please scroll down to see lovely photos of all Roca's GORGEOUS ancestors in his pedigree) in our breeding program (except Peaches). So Roca is a descendant of Kloie, Texas, Caviar, Kodie, Patty, Kona, Kyler, AND finally Rowkey and WE CANNOT WAIT to breed Roca to Isis for our first 100% all names combined litter!!! Roca is a gorgeous dark chocolate male who carries all colors that purebred AKC Labrador Retrievers can produce as his mom is charcoal and his dad is white and Roca is chocolate thus Roca is a chocolate Lab who also carries the silver factor gene as well as white which is very very RARE indeed! We plan to breed Isis our stunning white with traditional black nose English female Isis (who might carry the s/f gene), to Roca who is a dark chocolate who carries white and the silver factor gene who is a massive English heavyweight (but who is a more athletic type with a wee bit longer length of leg) to produce a gorgeous English rainbow litter due approximately July, 2016. We hope to produce EVERY COLOR AKC purebred Labs come in from this exciting mating of Isis/Roca which can include AKC Labrador puppies of EVERY POSSIBLE COLOR COMBO including white, chocolate, black, dudley (chocolate nosed white), light silver, charcoal, and as well as the RARE chanpagne (white with light silver nose, with light blue/green/amber eyes!), and the ever elusive chinchilla (white with charcoal nose, with light blue/green/grey eyes!). It has been our goal since 2007 to be one of the ONLY AKC purebred Labrador Retriever breeders know in all of the United States and abroad to produce the absolute finest well bred English type purebred Labradors around in such stunning rare colors!

Roca taking a nap after a good play pictured above is a handsome boy indeed who has a lot of his massive enormous (horse) size looks that obviously descended on down the line from Texas. Roca is a super sweet heart boy with a beautiful soft blocky English Labrador head and face (scroll down below to see more pictures of our massive 115+ charcoal man, Texas, who was bred by the famous Silver Star Kennels in "Texas" or please visit Texas' OR ALL OF OUR OTHER DOGS in Roca's pedigree on their individual page links above for lots more photos!) that we are SO EXCITED about breeding to Isis for our next litter due in approximately July, 2016, and we PRAY we get every color of the rainbow! If you would like to reserve a future puppy out of Isis/Roca which this litter shall be ready for new homes approximately September, 2016. A $250 deposit will be required to hold your pick puppy out of Isis/Roca once the puppies are born and we know for certain the sex and colors are available. Our puppy prices out of this special/unique/rare rainbow litter out of Isis and Roca will vary because so many possible color combos could be produced but should range starting with AKC limited registration (without breeding rights, however AKC full registration is available to approved breeding homes only) starting at $700 for blacks, to $850 for Dudley's (chocolate nosed white/creme), to $1000 for chocolates and whites/cremes with traditional black noses, $1200 for any light silvers and charcoals, up to $1500 for the RARE champagnes (light silver nosed white/creme, with light blue/green/amber eyes!), and $2000 for the most RARE and ever elusive chinchillas (white/creme with charcoal nose, with light blue/green/grey eyes!), AKC full registrations will be made available (please contact us about our prices for puppies sold out of this mating on AKC full registrations. Please no commercial breeders, brokers, or puppy mills, and need not inquire! We ONLY SELL our puppies to families as PETS FIRST, because ALL of our purebred AKC registered Labrador Retrievers are bred as personal family PETS PERIOD, as well as for HUNTING prospects out of Isis/Roca FIRST. So you need not worry about paying a higher price for breeding rights if you do not desire to breed because we take pride in the fact that we sell to PET HOMES FIRST! ALL of our Labradors are bred strictly for bomb proof loyal Labrador temperaments FIRST (we do not breed strictly for rare coat colors!), being also strictly bred absolutely true to type meaning they MUST RETRIEVE, LOVE WATER, AND BE LOYAL LAID BACK FAMILY DOGS, and so if you are looking for a hyper or high strung hunting type american bred Lab, well then you are looking in the WRONG PLACE! We strive to breed only the best well rounded absolutely well bred, genetically healthy, smart, calm, and massively gorgeous English type true heavyweights, who are super mellow, English type purebred AKC Labradors that are truly a dream to own, love, and have! All of our puppies produced are also the true massive heavyweights with stunning soft teddy bear BLOCK heads which are some of the best looking well bred English Labs for conformation in all of Idaho, the entire United States, or Abroad, and we take PRIDE in the looks and health (including OFA hip certifications) of ALL our traditional as well as rare colored AKC lines! Also we DO NOT sell any puppies without pedigreed AKC papers! You simply WILL NOT FIND a better bred, laid back, block head, thick boned, English massive heavyweight AKC purebred Labrador Retriever than what we produce here at Simply Silver/Mellow Yellow Labradors and we look forward to hearing from you! Please inquire if you are interested in being put on the waiting list anytime, as would love to hear from you at #208-739-9482 (home)

Isis pictured above at two years old is a massively HUGE beefy English show type girl and weighed 110 lbs at the vet after her first delivery! Isis is a very pretty white female with a traditional black nose English Labrador, she has very thick heavy bone, a GORGEOUS soft sweetheart blocky teddy bear head, and Isis is a super mellow yellow icy white white AKC Labrador girl! Isis had her first litter of 6 pups for us out of Mr. Gibbs a snowball white English CH lines show type AKC Labrador male from Kennel Up' Labradors located in Parma Idaho, who together Isis and Gibbs produced for us absolutely the most GORGEOUS white and creme pups we have ever produced here at Mellow Yellow/Simply Silver Labradors! Please scroll down to see 6 photos of Isis/Gibbs puppies from her first litter for us which were born in January, 2016. Isis' first litter of pups are truly breath taking pretty pretty, very well bred, good looking English Lab fancy pups that she had and we were more than IMPRESSED with what she produced for us out of Mr. Gibbs! Tell me now, are they not just DROP DEAD GORGEOUS or what, right? Isis we "HOPE AND PRAY" carries the silver factor gene as her sire carried silver but her dam did not so we have a 50/50 chance whether or not Isis carries ALL colors including the silver gene varities. We could coat color test Isis to determine via DNA if she for sure carries silver, but we plan to breed Isis to Roca a chocolate s/f male next so we decided to wait to see what colors together Isis bred to Roca will produce. If any of Isis/Roca's pups come out silver or charcoal, champagne or chinchilla we will know for certain that she carries the silver gene so we decided to wait in much much anticipation to see what colors come out of the super exciting next litter out of Isis which will be due in approximately July, 2016! We DO KNOW FOR CERTAIN however that Isis DOES carry for sure black, chocolate, white, creme, and dudley which is a chocolate nosed white or creme colored purebred AKC Labrador coat color which is also fairly rare, but very very pretty and to date we have never produced a dudley colored puppy to date so we are super excited that we know for sure Isis next litter by Roca will for sure produce blacks, chocolates, whites or cremes, and the unique dudley in either white with chocolate nose, or creme with chocolate nose. Isis bred to Roca will NOT produce any yellow puppies or fox red puppies however as all of our Mellow Yellow bloodlines carry only straight white and creme coat color purebred Labrador Retriever coat color varities.

Mellow Yellow's Kloie's A Princess Of Hatz Off (above), "Kloie" was born 10/31/2001 and she is our fabulous foundation icy white white English heavyweight female and Kloie is a classic English white lady...Mellow Yellow's Kloie's A Princess of Hatz Off our icy white white foundation English show type female, who started it all for our dream to come true of producing the first English type purebred AKC Labrador Retriever's to ever be born in the icy white white champagne and chinchilla coat color varities! It all started with the birth of our Patty (black) who was our only silver factor daughter ever produced out of Kloie bred to Texas and Patty was her very last daughter and the ONLY female ever produced out Kloie that carried the silver gene by Texas (charcoal) and Patty's litter was Kloie's only s/f litter ever produced out of Kloie's stunning white English heavyweight purebred AKC Labrador bloodlines. We are SO PROUD of having the pleasure of finding and owning Kloie for which Isis is a Kloie grandaughter too! Kloie is a stunning, 92 lbs, OFA Hips Excellent, Elbows Normal, Eyes CERF clear! We are grateful that Kloie gave us Patty who together with Kona gave us Skyrim who gave us Roca too. You will never know what kind of impact you have made Kloie my sweet girl and anyone who ever met Kloie always said Kloie was the BEST DOG, and Kloie will forever be surely missed, but you did good my classy English white gave us everything we needed for our dream of chinchillas who will have icy white white coat and unique charcoal grey noses and gorgoues light blue/green/grey eyes hopefully someday soon shall be realized (Amen), and for that I will forever be grateful and amazed my dear sweet Kloie...Please scroll down to see more photo's of Kloie, with and without her some of her fancy white/creme and black past puppies, and Kloie/Texas' only s/f black daughter Patty. You are a legacy my lady Kloie, thank you so much. So much.

Simply Silver's Texas Tanker II, "Texas" was born 11/22/2004, and Texas was already OFA permanent hip rated GOOD when we bought him in 2007 at age 3! Texas is our foundation charcoal sire bred by the famous Silver Star Labrador kennels out of "Texas", pictured here at age three. Texas is a HUGE gorgeous laid back athletic 115+ lbs massive horse of a guy who passes on his strong drive to hunt, retrieve, and the LOVE of water! All of Texas' offspring are well known for being the best of the best most level headed bomb proof Labs to use for hunting, as he consistently has proven to pass on down the line to all of his of his offspring, generation after generation, his natural pointing instincts and his massive and very athletic length of leg, with super thickness of bone, and strong drive to retrieve onto his superior pups, who are absolute naturals hunting in the field and super easy to train for it! Texas' pups are HUGE with enormous drive and much longer legs than your typical English type purebred AKC Labrador Retriever so his kiddos, grandkiddos, and so on are typically much taller than your everyday English type and thus ALL of his offspring can go great guns literally and are excellent with and know for their levelheadedness at handling the noise of a shotgun! So for those who desire hunting prospects you absolutely cannot go wrong with a pup that descends from Texas' bloodlines! Texas was bred by the famous Silver Star silver Labrador kennels, however, thankfully enough Silver Star made it's reputation starting in the 1990's by NOT practicing INBREEDING in their purebred AKC silver Labrador bloodlines and adhereing to strict OFA hip ratings for all of their bloodlines to stomp out the rampant hip dysplasia problem that rapidly cropped up in all silver Labradors being born at that time so please do your research carefully when buying ANY silver Labrador lines! So every dog in Texas' pedigree is also unrelated for years deep to smash the hip dysplasia out of their silver lines completely! FYI, ALL silver and silver factored Labs, in every coat color variety or combo possible, can ALL be traced back to the Culo Cristo's kennels where the very first AKC registered purebred light silver Labrador was ever born and where all silver Labrador coat color varieties can be traced back to today. HOWEVER, with that said, there are many many bloodlines that are KNOWN by breeders who are unethical to carry and produce hip dysplastic dogs and owners must also be responsible with feeding premium dog food to keep hip dysplasia at bay regardless of their dogs genetics. Please be aware that we have done YEARS of research into who's bloodlines are disease free and I can tell you tons of silver Labrador lines and breeders who KNOW they have a diseased line and continue to breed their lines anyway due to their desires for profits only which is sad, but unfortunately true. We are thrilled to have found Texas at age three, OFA hip rated GOOD, and you will find Texas in nearly every single pedigree, for every single silver or silver factored puppy we produce today, however Texas use in our breeding program today is very very limited because the only Texas pup we ever held back unfortunately was a Texas/Kloie black daughter named Patty. We are super thrilled that we did decide to keep Texas' bloodlines going by keeping into Patty, and due to an unfortunate accident Patty only had ONE litter for us which was with Kona so the bloodlines from Texas FORTUNATELY do carry on today. We miss you Texas, who was retired into a pet home in 2011.

Simply Silver's Crown Royal Caviar, "Caviar" was born 03/21/2006 and she is our foundation charcoal female with stunning light amber/green wolf eyes, and is a heavy English type 100+ lbs thick charcoal female, who was bred to Kodie (creme, black nose) to produce Kona (chocolate s/f) and thus the start of our Simply Silver Meets Mellow Yellow bloodlines! Caviar is OFA prelim hip rated Fair. Caviar is now 10 years old as of March, 2016, and still going strong with good solid hips! FYI a "fair" or "normal" hip rating is totally acceptable for breeding purposes, however Caviar is our only fair hip rated dog in all of our AKC pedigrees. Caviar was an excellent mother and she produced 5 phenomenal litters for us before she was permanently retired/spayed in 2011. The first two litters she had for us are all of our silver and charcoal puppies pictured in our previous Simply Silver puppy album and all are of our silvers and charcoals are out of her first two litters with Texas (for which we strongly regret we never kept back a puppy out of Caviar when she was bred to Texas!), and her last three litters were out of Kodie (the last litter of which produce our beloved Kona her only chocolate male she ever produced!) which started our dream on Caviar's side of being one of the ONLY silver Labrador breeders who are able to consistently produce the best well bred English heavyweight type silver lines that also carry the rare white/creme coat color genes around! Kona was out of her final last litter by Kodie for us, and Kona was our FIRST s/f male that carried ALL COLORS that purebred AKC Labrador Retrievers coat color combos that can ever possibly be born! Caviar is by far my favorite most loyal dog I have EVER OWNED IN MY WHOLE LIFE and Caviar still lives with us today and is a very very happy girl living the good life as a grandma in her retirement. WE LOVE YOU CAVIE! Caviar is BY FAR one of the best looking charcoal females I have ever seen plus she is a HUGE girl weighing well over 100+ lbs and Caviar is GORGEOUS! Compare our gorgeous English type charcoal girl Caviar and her stellar good looks with her unique STUNNING light amber/green wolf eyes to ANY OTHER CHARCOAL purebred female AKC Labrador Retriever out there and I know you will certainly agree that Caviar is absolutely the best looking well bred charcoal female Labrador out there period! Caviar's temperament is to DIE for as she has a strong drive to retrieve but is also super mellow and laid back and Caviar is as smart as a whip and knows nearly 300 commands! We are so proud to have found Caviar at age 1 1/2 in when charcoal Labradors first began to become popular and we take PRIDE in the fact that Caviar, as well as Texas, are 100% out crosses, thus there is NO INBREEDING behind our silver Labrador lines!

Mellow Yellow's Bearly White Kodiak, "Kodie" born on 12/18/2007 is our light creme foundation male who comes from CH lines, is a fancy showy English type 92 lbs male who we bought as a 16 week old puppy in 2007 and Kodie luckily tested OFA hip permanent rated EXCELLENT!!! Kodie is Kona's sire and together with Caviar had only one chocolate male and that was our Kona! Kona was such a gorgeous boy, super HEAVY very English light chocolate male who has his mothers light light amber eyes. Kodie was sold to Washington in 2011 and many more pictures of Kodie can be found on his page just click the links above. Kodie is GORGEOUS, and a very very light creme color and is the foundation sire for all of our AKC purebred Labrador Retrievers who carry both the silver gene as well as white/creme in combo which is very rare indeed to find in purebred AKC Labrador lines that includes both silver factor genes as well as white or creme! We strongly encourage you do do your research and look around on the internet for ANY purebred AKC Labrador Retrievers out there that have silver Labs that also carry the yellow gene and THEN COMPARE our purebred AKC Labradors in ANY OF OUR COLORS to theirs! We strive to produce the absolute BEST CONFORMATIONS PERIOD in all of our dogs, and you will find that we DONT OWN OR PRODUCE ANYTHING here that does not only have the absolute best health for longevity and a disease free line, but also the BEST temperaments that are not only loyal, loving, and bomb proof with children, but also are STUNNING AND GORGEOUS! I'm sorry, but I have seen some of the UGLIEST AKC Labradors that are from silver lines, expecially those who are also combining silvers with yellows! We know how to judge our animals for conformation and compliance to the breed standards, however we DO BREED BIGGER MASSIVE HEAVYWEIGHTS than the AKC Labrador Retriever standards call for. Rather we strive to produce the larger massive heavyweights that MUST BE GENETICALLY HEALTHY and we know our bloodlines are clean and disease free with absolutely soild hip joints! We also take PRIDE in the fact that all of our foundation dogs are from 100% outcrosses so there is NO INBREEDING in our foundation dogs period whatsoever. We have put together the very best dogs with the very best dogs and are now certain of our foundation health and have just started to combine all of our own bloodlines for our very educated and responsible cross matings and are very cautiously now entering into our own line breeding programs. You will find Kodie, Kloie, Texas, Caviar, and Kona in nearly every pedigree in every single puppy we are now able to produce.

Simply Silvers Kona Kailua Carries All Colors, "Kona" was born 05/03/2011. Kona pictured above at just under 1 year of age is a massive thick boned, very overdone blocky English type purebred light milk chocolate colored AKC purebred registered Labrador Retriever who is seen here at 96 lbs but who matured out to be nearly 120+ lbs at full grown. Kona's two parents are Caviar (charcoal) who is OFA prelim Fair, and Kodie (light creme, traditional black nose) who is OFA EXCELLENT., Kona is the sire to Kyler our icy white male who carries all colors out of Patty's only litter. Kona is also the sire to Isis and Kokomo who are the only two puppies born out of Kona's 2nd/last litter before Kona's unfortunate and untimely, very very tragic passing in 2013. Kona together with Patty produced for his first litter only one charcoal female which is Rowkey and she is the ONLY SILVER puppy Kona EVER PRODUCED. So together along with Rowkey and Kyler, in that first litter out of Patty there was also only one other black male AKC registered puppy ever produce by Kona in that first litter which is Opi. Also only ONE AKC registered chocolate male was EVER produced out of Rowkey and by Kyler, and that ONE dark chocolate male is ROCA!!! Yeah! We are amazed and thrilled that the bloodlines will carry on with Roca today, as he is certainly one special guy because he is again another chocolate from 100% all our own bloodlines that carries all colors including silver and white/creme! Roca is unique because he carries EVERY name of EVERY foundation dog we have ever had the pleasure of owning and breeding (except Peaches). Kona's litter with Quiz was the second and final mating we had done with Kona, and that 2nd /final litter out of Kona produced ONLY two puppies and that is Isis and Kokomo. So it was a no brainer to keep them both for ourselves because we had such a deep attachment to them both because of our tragic accidental loss of Kona, plus we wanted to keep the bloodlines going! Kona's ONLY AKC registered offspring in existence are 5 puppies which are: 1 male Kyler (white, traditional black nose), 1 litter sister female Rowkey (charcoal), and 1 litter brother male Opi (black) who lives in Northern Idaho and should be bred to Isis someday. Then Kona was bred to an icy white English show type female named Quiz which produced only two pups which are Isis (white, traditional black nose) and Kokomo (black) who are full brother and sister litter mates. Kokomo by far out of all of Kona's offspring is the heaviest and he is a MASSIVE black very English overdone show type male with so much double coat and such thinkness including the otter tail, and Kona has passed on his phenominal size a stellar headpiece to all of his offspring that we are turely blessed with all that Kona gave us. We miss Kona so much I still cry every time I talk about him, and of course Caviar was devastated by his unfortunate accident and untimely passing. We thank god every day that Kona is still with us and his bloodlines carry on, and I can still hear his voice in the wind in the backyard some days...WE LOVE YOU and MISS YOU DEARLY EVERY SINGLE DAY my special chocolate boy KONA!!!!!!!!

Mellow Yellow's Bearly White Kodiak, "Kodie" OFA permanent hip rated EXCELLENT, was sold in 2012 to a very excellent breeding home in Washington. Kodie was retired from breeding in 2015. Isis looks so much like a female version of Kodie it is scarry, as well as Kyler looks so much like his grandsire Kodie too it is amazing! Both Kyler and Isis however are much larger heavier versions of their gorgeous gransire Kodie who only weighed 92 lbs, whereas Kona and Kyler both weighed nearly 120 lbs each, and Isis is an ENORMOUS female at 110 lbs! We did not know at the time we bought Kodie at 16 weeks old that his hips would OFA EXCELLENT, and we were ecstatic to find out later too that Kodie carries the chocolate gene...Thus Kodie paved the way as our only creme colored male who not only carries chocolate but who also carried WHITE to make all the colors of the rainbow still possible because without the chocolate gene in Kodie we could have never produced and keep producing all the colors of the rainbow (except yellow and fox red, which we DO NOT have any yellow or fox red coat color genes in ANY of our bloodlines).

Isis is the product of Quiz (white, traditional black nose, Quiz's parents are Kloie, white black nose/Casper white black nose) and Kona (chocolate s/f, parents Caviar charcoal/Kodie creme black nose)...We don't know if Isis carries the silver factor gene, so we are VERY EXCITED to see what her girls out of Gibbs might produce because we do not know if Isis will carry on the silver factor gene! Cross your fingers that we are in luck, Isis' two females out of Gibbs have both been sold to future breeding homes in the hopes that someday they will produce the chinchilla color, meaning icy white base coat with charcoal grey noses and blue/green/grey eyes!

Isis had her first litter of puppies with Mr. Gibbs from Kennel Up' Idaho on January 11th, 2016. Please scroll down to see photo's of Isis/Gibbs puppies at age 7 weeks. These puppies are GORGEOUS!!!

Above, is Simply Silver's MY Vanilla Skyrim, "Kyler" born 05/01/2012, and this photo of Kyler was taken March, 2013 at 11 mos of age and 95 lbs, however Kyler fully matured out to be nearly 120 lbs when he was full grown! Below Isis and Kyler's grandsire, is a photo of Kodie who is both Isis' and Kyler's grandsire and this photo of Kodie was taken of him at age 2 1/2 years. Obviously both boys Kodie and grandson Kyler, and grand daughter Isis are all showing off their family resemblances!

Simply Silver Meets MY All Beef Patty, "Patty" is our only black silver factor daughter ever produced out of Kloie (white, traditional black nose), bred to Texas (charcoal). Patty takes after her charcoal sire is Texas with her long legs (photos above), and Texas is also Kyler's grandsire, and Texas is also Roca's great grandsire!! Patty only had ONE litter for us and that was with Kona that included 1 male Kyler (white, tradional black nose), 1 female Rowkey (charcoal, and Kona's only silver pup EVER PRODUCED!), and 1 male Opi (black). We know we were blassed by god to have been so fortunate and lucky to have had Patty out of Kloie and Texas who is our only s/f ever produced out of Kloie, AND our ONLY TEXAS daughter ever kept back for breeding purposes!!!

Kodie showing off his bigmouth (pictured right), and just like Kodie, Isis has soft sweetheart teddybear big mouth like her grandaddy has too! These are some quality well bred GORGEOUS ENGLISH WHITE LABRADORS!

Isis pictured at age two showing off her family resemblance to her grand sire Kodie, and her family resemblance to Kyler too is undeniable! Please compare these guys and note that obviously we have onsistance in the looks and massive heavyweight size, and overall conformation in appearance to be proven within our bloodlines and you simply WONT find any better well bred dogs that carry all the rare colors of the rainbow including that includes chocolate, light silver, charcoal, and white/creme, as well as of course the most common, but occasionally here too, black. :)

Kloie with her last litter...she had just three blacks out of Texas, two males and one female and that one black female was Patty...This marked the start of our combining our Simply Silver Labrador lines with our Mellow Yellow Labrador lines thus the Simply Silver Meets MY (Mellow Yellow) years began with more exciting news yet to come in the future hopefully soon when Opi get's to meet Isis for our next real shot at producing an all white Labrador with a charcoal nose, which is our dream and our goal. Thus we intend to call this white coat color combo with a charcoal nose a chinchilla colored Labrador.

Isis pictured above Kodie both showing off their family resemblance!

Above a photo of Bliss a female who is out of Isis and Gibbs first litter.

Above a photo of Gunner a male out of Isis and Gibbs first litter.

Above a photo of Hero a male out of Isis and Gibbs first litter.

Above a photo of Larry the Lucky Lab who is out of Isis and Gibbs first litter.

Above a photo of Lilly who is a female out of Isis and Gibbs first litter who we placed in a breeding home with breeding rights to half of her first two litters...We can't wait to see how GORGEOUS Lilly turns out to be when she is full grown! Isn't Lilly adorable?!?

Kloie pictured with her daughter Schai which Schai is a full litter sister to Isis' mom Quiz who are both out of Kloie/Casper.

Mellow Yellow's Kloie's a Princess of Hatz Off with her icy white white Sydney's Mischievous Casper daughter, Mellow Yellow's Vanilla Schai Tea (left and above right)

Kona as a 5 mos old puppy, yes he had such stunning light light amber eyes that he passes off to his champagne offspring that gives them stunning icy white white coat coloring, with light blue eyes!

Kodie Jr. (above) out of Kloie/Kodie was sold to a family in Washington in 2008

Above a photo of Hoss a male from Isis and Gibbs first litter.

Kyler pictured at the Van Vliet Dairy in New Plymouth Idaho at one year of age. Kyler is Patty/Kona's white with traditional black nose son, and Kloie/Texas' and Caviar/Kodie's grandson. Kyler is stunning and he is not available at stud to outside females, however Kyler was recently bred to Rookie who is a gorgeous charcoal female who carries white champagne (light silver nosed white) and chinchilla (charcoal nosed white) and Kyler/Rookie are due to have their second litter of puppies on September 25th, 2013. Please feel free to contact us about their exciting new litter, and all the puppies from Kyler/Rowkey's litter will be sold on AKC full registrations to approved breeding homes! UPDATE - The Van Vielt's who purchased Kyler and Rowkey from us did not fulfill their purchase contract agreement and Jamie Gorbet of Cold Creek Labradors stole a black female puppy from them who is now being bred by her without AKC papers named Stitch. The ONLY AKC registered puppy that exists out of Kyler and Rowkey today is Roca, and the ONLY AKC registered littermate to Kyler and Rowkey is Opi who lives with a family friend in Northern Idaho. WE DO NOT sell our dogs to breeders on contracts any longer because of these two bad experiences so if you are desiring to breed our bloodlines you MUST pass a thorough interview and payment in full is REQUIRED at the time of purchase. Live and learn.

Above and below are two photos of Kloie/Kodie's previous white puppies!

Two photos (above) are of Kyler as a 10 week old puppy.

Simply Silver MY Vanilla Skyrim, "Kyler" shown in this photo at age two years now fully grown and weighing in at a massive 115+ lbs! Kyler you are GORGEOUS!

Photo (above) and to the right of Gunner a stunning icy white white male from Isis/Gibbs first litter born 1/11/2016. Photo (below) is of Gunner and Hero age 7 weeks.

Gunner as a baby (above) and Gunner as a three month old puppy (left) is out of Isis/Gibbs first litter.

Photo (below) is of Isis at age 5 weeks, isn't she just adorable???

Photo (above) of Odin sent to Canada out of Kloie/UGA Champer full litter brother to Peaches our Kloie daughter who is titled Mellow Yellow's Kellby Has Beautiful Peaches For Me

Classy, elegant, beautiful English heavyweight AKC Labrador Retrievers with gorgeous soft teddy bear blocky block heads and super sweetheart laid back icy white as well as possibly all of the other colors AKC Labrador's come including black, chocolate, dudley, light silver, charcoal, champagne, and chinchilla depending on which stud dog we choose with Isis' next litter of puppies expected to be due in July 2016, with tons of square thickness and lazy retriever style who always LOVE THE WATER!! Our males typically mature out in the 100+ lbs range, and our females mature out in the 90+ lbs range. Please call anytime if you would like to know more about our upcoming expected litter out of Isis due approximately July 2016! Our home #208-739-9482, no emails or text please!