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Simply Silver/Mellow Yellow Labradors currently has a new English AKC all white with black noses litter due out of Isis and Gibbs who is a stunning icy white teddybear blocky AKC English Labrador male, hips OFA good, from Kennel Up' Idaho in Parma. Isis is due on January 13th, 2016. Please feel free to call us to be added to the waiting list anytime on our home #208-739-9482. Deposits are $250 once the puppies are born, and the price for our white AKC puppies from Isis/Gibbs is $1000 on limited AKC registration (without breeding rights). Full AKC registration (with breeding rights) is available to approved breeding homes only and the price for puppies out of Isis/Gibbs on full AKC registration is $2000.

Left DAM: MellowYellows Isis A White Godess Of SimplySilver  Right SIRE: Snow Commander Gibbs 

Isis was successfully bred to Gibbs from Kennel Up' Idaho in Parma and we expect a GORGEOUS AKC all white litter with black noses. UPDATE: Isis had 6 beautiful white puppies born on 01/11/2016, currently we have one male left from Isis/Gibbs litter that is not reserved. Puppies from Isis/Gibbs will be ready for their new homes on 02/28/2016. Please contact us anytime at 208-739-9482 (home). Please check out Isis' page for many more updated pictures of our elegant icy white lady Isis, as she simply has matured into a STUNNING Mellow Yellow white goddess of Simply Silver :)

Snow Commander Gibbs is stunning icy white white male Labrador we had the pleasure of using from Kennel Up' Idaho in Parma. Gibbs is OFA hip certified GOOD, and his pedigree holds show champions as well as field champions and national field champions. Isis/Gibbs puppies are due January 13th, 2016 and this will be an all white litter with black noses. We can't wait to see these teddybear icy white white puppies!

Isis while she was pregnant taken in December 2015. Isis had 6 beautiful puppies out of Gibbs on 01/11/2016, 4 boys and 2 girls. Currently we have one male left from Isis/Gibbs litter that is not reserved and he will be ready for his new home on 02/28/2016. Please feel free to call us anytime to reserve Isis/Gibbs last male puppy left from this litter anytime at #208-739-9482 (home)

Isis pictured above at two years old is a beefy girl and weighed 110 lbs at the vet after her delivery! Isis is a very English Labrador, thick heavy bone, blocky teddy bear head, and a super mellow yellow (white) AKC Labrador girl, as is Mr. Gibbs! We can't wait to see these gorgeous snowball white AKC Labrador puppies, these two are perfectly matched and should throw very large puppies that will mature out to be near the 100 lbs range.

Isis and Kyler's (above) a classic English white lady...Mellow Yellow's Kloie's A Princess of Hatz Off our icy white white foundation female, who started it all for our icy white chanpagne's and chinchilla's with the birth of our Patty (black) her very last daughter out of Texas (charcoal) and Patty's litter was Kloie's only s/f litter. Also we have Kloie on Isis' side, as Isis mom is a Kloie/Casper daughter so Isis is a Kloie grandaughter too! Kloie is a stunning, 92 lbs, OFA Hips Excellent, Elbows Normal, Eyes CERF clear! We are grateful that Kloie gave us Patty who together with Kona gave us Skyrim. You will never know what kind of impact you two sweet girls have made, and you both will forever be surely missed, but you did good gave us Skyrim and for that I will forever be grateful and amazed...Please scroll down to see more photo's of Kloie, with and without her past white puppies, and Kloie/Texas' only s/f black daughter Patty. You are a legacy ladies, thank you so much. So much.

Our beloved boy Kona (chocolate) 96 lbs. is the sire to both Isis (dam Quiz, sire Kona) and Kyler (dam Patty, sire Kona) and Kona is pictured here seen playing with his Momma our devoted Simply Silver's Crown Royal Caviar (charcoal) 98 lbs. This photo was taken of Kona at one year of age and Caviar age six when she was permanently retired from our breeding program and spayed. Kona was out of Caviar's last litter for us born May 3rd, 2011. Kona's sire is Mellow Yellow's Bearly White Kodiak, (light creme) 92 lbs, OFA hips Excellent, seen pictured below.

Kona's DAM: Caviar our 98 lbs charcoal female, Caviar is permanently retired/spayed and Kona was out of her final litter for us. WE LOVE YOU CAVIE!

Kona's SIRE: Kodie (photo above and below) our light light yellow CH lines showy English 92 lbs male was sold in 2011. Kodie and Caviar had only one chocolate male and that was our Kona! Kona was such a gorgeous boy, super HEAVY very English light chocolate male who has his mothers light light amber eyes.

Kona pictured above at just under 1 year of age is a massive thick boned, very overdone blocky English type 96 lbs chocolate male who's parents are Kodie (light creme traditional black nose) OFA Excellent, and Caviar (charcoal) OFA Fair. Kona is the sire to Kyler our icy white chinchilla (charcoal nosed white). Kona's upcoming litter with Quiz will be the second and final mating we will have done with Kona, and we can't wait to see what these two produce! We are expecting half icy white's with traditional black noses, and half black puppies, all will carry chocolate, white, and some will carry S/F to produce rare colored Labradors in both icy white champagne (light silver nosed white) or the even more rare chinchilla (charcoal nosed white)! With the unfortunate, untimely passing of Kona, this is a rare once in a lifetime opportunity for those who want AKC full registration with breeding rights to our exclusive bloodlines!

Simply Silver's Chinchilla Vanilla Skyrim (photo below) looks so much like his grandsire Kodie (photo above), and his icy white white grandam Kloie too! Kyler turned 1 year old April, 2013 and is pictured here at age 11 mos, he is huge and teddy bear gorgeous and should mature out well over 100 lbs.

Isis is the product of Quiz (white, traditional black nose, Quiz's parents are Kloie, white black nose/Casper white black nose) and Kona (chocolate s/f, parents Caviar charcoal/Kodie creme black nose)...We don't know if Isis carries the silver factor gene, so we are VERY EXCITED to see what her and Kyler produce because we know already for sure Kyler carries the silver factor gene! Cross your fingers that we are in luck, otherwise we will look forward to Kyler/Roukies light silver daughter Lucy carrying the right genes for sure to produce our chinchilla someday!

Kyler, is a gorgeous icy white white with a traditional black nose who is sired by Kona (chocolate s/f, yellow/white/f) out of his dam Patty (black s/f, chocolate/f, yellow/white/f), Kyler's grandparents are Kodie (creme, chocolate/f) / Caviar (charcoal, chocolate/f), and Texas (charcoal, chocolate/f) / Kloie (white, traditional black nose), and although Kyler is not available for outside breeding, he will be bred to Isis for their first upcoming litter due Spring 2015! All of Isis/Kyler's puppies will be sold on full AKC registrations with breeding rights to approved breeding homes only!

Above, Kyler photo's taken March, 2013 11 mos of age, and below Isis and Kyler's grandsire Kodie taken age 2 1/2 years

Patty's charcoal sire is Texas (photos above), who is also Kyler's grandsire, Simply Silver's Texas Tanker II, (charcoal) OFA Good, 115 massive lbs. For reference only - Retired.

Kodie showing off his bigmouth (pictured right), and just like Kodie, Isis has soft sweetheart teddybear big mouth like her grandaddy has too! These are some quality well bred GORGEOUS ENGLISH WHITE LABRADORS!

Isis (above) has that GORGEOUS teddybear blocky English Labrador head just like her grandsire Kodie (seen below and right) and Isis grandam Kloie (white female headshot seen way above, and below with her litter's)...It's not too far aof a streach to see Kyler next to his grandsire Kodie, as well as his grandam Kloie and you can easily see why we decided to do our very first line breeding of Isis to Kyler! For full pedigree's on Isis and Kyler, including OFA testing please contact me via email.

Kloie with her last litter...she had just three blacks out of Texas, two males and one female and that one black female was Patty...Patty you are forever going to change my life, I said when she was born, your momma was gracious enough to have you at nine years old, and then you gave me a miracle in just one generation Skyrim a icy white white Labrador with a charcoal nose! He was destiny, he was your only, he will forever change AKC purebred Labrador coat color history! Skyrim is truely awesome may he go down in history as your's and your alone, you are the only one who had it all in you for his unique coat color expression, solid OFA hips, gorgeous conformation, and you gave us back only just the one special baby in just one generation and then tragically you were gone, it was a miracle, and unfair at the same time...but thank goodness Kloie went to be with her last baby girl, too closely for me not to get shiver skin, obviously you two were never meant to be apart from each other for very long. Chase your balls forever now Kloie and Patty baby girl...Thank you both forever for giving me Skyrim. Now I know Kloie went right after you, and Patty you got to tell her how special you both are, and what happened while you two were apart, and now you girls can fight over the Kong again or hide it in the water bucket for the other to find later, may there be ten thousand chew toys for your two to go and get after, and just as much time to kick back and kiss each others ears, k.

Simply Silver Meets MY All Beef Patty, photo's taken at 1 year of age.

Kloie, Patty's mom, Kyler's grand dam (photo above and below) and Kloie LOVED her Kong toys! Kloie went over the rainbow bridge at eleven years old.

Patty, Kyler's mom (photo above and below)

Kloie pictured with her daughter Schai which Schai is a full litter sister to Isis' mom Quiz who are both out of Kloie/Casper.

Mellow Yellow's Kloie's a Princess of Hatz Off with her icy white white Sydney's Mischievous Casper daughter, Mellow Yellow's Vanilla Schai Tea (left and right)

Kona as a 5 mos old puppy, yes he had such stunning light light amber eyes that he passes off to his champagne offspring that gives them stunning icy white white coat coloring, with light blue eyes!

Kodie Jr. (above) out of Kloie/Kodie was sold to a family in Washington in 2008

Isis (above) photo taken at age 5 weeks, and Isis mom's litter brother pictured (below) age 7 weeks

Kyler at one year of age, Kyler is Patty/Kona's chinchilla (charcoal nosed white) son,and Kloie/Texas' and Caviar/Kodie's grandson. Kyler is stunning and he is not available at stud to outside females,however Kyler was recently bred to Rookie who is a gorgeous charcoal female who carries white champagne (light silver nosed white) and chinchilla (charcoal nosed white) and Kyler/Rookie are due to have their second litter of puppies on September 25th, 2013. Please feel free to contact us about their exciting new litter, and all the puppies from Kyler/Rookies litter will be sold on AKC full registrations to approved breeding homes!

Two photos (above) are of Kyler as a 10 week old puppy.

Occasionally we do have Creme colored puppies as seen here (above left puppy) with Kloie's litter out of UGA Champer

Photo (above and below) of Kloie/Kodie white puppies

Previous Mellow Yellow white AKC Labrador puppies (above) all out of Kloie/Kodie except for Isis (top puppy picture) and her mom's litter brother (seen below Isis' puppy picture)

Photo (below) is of Isis at age 5 weeks, isn't she just adorable???

Photo (above) of Odin sent to Canada out of Kloie/UGA Champer full litter brother to Peaches our Kloie daughter who is titled Mellow Yellow's Kellby Has Beautiful Peaches For Me

Classy, elegant, beautiful soft teddybear blocky heads and super sweetheart laid back icy white AKC Labrador puppies expected Spring 2015, with tons of square thickness and lazy retriever style who always LOVE THE WATER!! Our males typically mature out in the 90-100+ lbs range, and our females mature out in the 85-95+ lbs range. Please call anytime if you would like to know more about our upcoming expected litter out of Isis and Kyler due approximately May 2015! Our home #208-739-9482, no emails or text please!